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Feeder Cage Mould for Crab Fishing

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The Feeder Cage Mould for Crab Fishing is a specially designed tool for crab fishing. Made of high-quality materials, this mould allows you to create your own feeder cages that are specifically shaped to attract crabs and increase your chances of a successful catch. The mould's compact size makes it easy to carry on fishing trips, and its durable construction ensures that you'll be able to use it for multiple fishing trips. 


  • Material: Fishing Bait Cage Holder
  • Product weight: 35g
  • Product material: zinc alloy


    • Pear-shaped Zinc Alloy Bait cage holder: Zinc alloy cast in one piece, the weight is distributed evenly in the positive direction, which helps to improve the accuracy,
    • Design: Design and realize the exchange system of quick lead change (no wire cutting, directly remove the plastic pipe to replace the bait Trailer)
    • Raised on the front: Raised on the front to prevent the release of bait upon impact
    • Easy to use: when the bait container touches the surface of the water, it spills the bait and attracts the fish
    • Basic tools for fishing: fishing feeders are an important tool for anglers, with which you can easily catch fish and have fun fishing.

    Package Content: 

    • 1/2/4/6/8/10 x Fishing Foam Reels