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Fishing Artificial Soft Lures

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Fishing Artificial Soft Lures are thick roundworms that are very soft and have a very lively appearance. It is made of good quality material and is suitable for fishing underwater. It is made of PVC material. It is the perfect meal size for the organisms in water, so they respond highly to these baits.

  • Lure Type: Worm Lure
  • Lure Material: PVC
  • Smell: Fennel Flavor
  • Size A: 101mm 6.5g /piece (4.0in 0.23oz)
  • Size B: 127mm 9.0g /piece (5.0in 0.31oz)


      • Simple But Functional: Shape Likes A Thick Round Worm, It Attracts All Sorts Of Fish, Especially Pike,Bass, Thus These Are A Must Have Rubber Worms For Pike Fishing. Fish Everywhere Will Bite On This, Every Lake, Every Condition. Big Fish, Small Fish, Every Fish Are Sure To Hits This.
      • Fennel Flavor: Cooked-in Fennel Scent Dispersal Rapidly Draws Fish In From Distances, Creates A Strong Feeding Urge Even Live Bait Can't Match, Causes Fish To Latch Down Longer For A Better Catch Ratio.
      • Good Palatability: Made of quality material with good palatability, tastes like an actual fish, causes the fish to hang on longer for more positive hooksets. Features Unique Hook Slot For Easier Rigging Better Hook-ups ,in Addition Tougher Than Other Bait.
      • Ribbed Design: Features Deep Ribes, Allows You To Load Up With Your Favorite Scent As Desired And Helps The Bait Bob Along In The Current To Displace More Water, Attracts The Nearest Predator To Strike.
      • Proven Colors with Colorful Glitters : Available In A Variety Of Fish Catching Colors, Help You Match The Hatch On Any Body Of Water, Ideal For Any Fishing Conditions That Needs An Enhanced Action. Fitted With Carefully Selected Glitters To Fit The Lure, Reflects The Light From All Directions For Better Attracting Fish And Triggering More Strikes.
      • Work Great For Drop Shotting. Also Ideal For Weightless, Weedless Rig. Even The Easiest Rig Will Make It A Bass Is The Perfect Meal Size For Pike, Bass And Other General Freshwater Species And Rock Fish.
      • Best Gift: It's The Best Gift To Send Father, Son, Husband, Fiancé, Boyfriend. It Is The Perfect Meal Size For Bass, Pike And Other General Freshwater/saltwater. Great For Bass, Panfish, Pike, Walleye, Perch, Musky, Redfish, Crappies, Trout, Striper, Mackerel, Crappie, Catfish, black Fish, mandarin Fish And More, Perfect For Ocean, Lake, River, Reservoir, Pond And Stream.

      Package included:

      • 8 x Soft Lure