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Luminous Squid Skirts Soft Lure Baits

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Attract big fish and make a splash on your next fishing trip with our baits! These lures are designed to mimic the irresistible action of a live squid, making them a must-have for any angler looking to catch more fish. Made from high-quality US PVC with excellent elasticity, these lures are not only durable but also bright and eye-catching. Each package includes a random mix of 5 colors, so you can switch things up and experiment with different hues to find the best one for your needs. And with no hooks included, you can easily attach these lures to a jig head of your choice. So why wait? Add these Lure Baits to your tackle box today and start reeling in the big catches!


  • Model Number: Soft Lure
  • Type: Artificial Bait
  • Category: Lure
  • Position: Ocean Boat Fishing, Ocean Beach 
  • Bait Weight: 8g
  • Bait Length: 15cm
  • Lure Body Material: US PVC, Good Elasticity, Color Bright
  • Color: 5 Random Mix Colors
  • Diving Depth: Whole swimming layer
  • Hooks: No Hooks
  • Function: Soft Lure for Jig Head