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Multi Size Fishing Net Trap

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The Multi-Size Fishing Net Trap is a versatile and practical fishing accessory for anglers of all levels. With a large mesh size, it allows for catching a variety of fish sizes. The single knot type and monofilament style ensure durability and strength. This drive-in net is easy to set up and can be driven into the ground for stability. Whether you are a recreational fisherman or a professional angler, this fishing net will surely come in handy for your next catch.


  • Mesh Size: Large Mesh
  • Knot Type: Single
  • Style: Monofilament
  • Type: Drive-In Net
  • Positionable or Not: No
  • Retractable or Not: Yes
  • Product Type: Fishing Nets


  • If there are too many branches at the bottom of the fishing ground, please don't catch the bottom.
  • In the water, due to the buoyancy effect, the net is scattered around the bait with the wave, and the fish comes to the net.
  • Handcuffs: float - overlord bundle. Just like the drifting method, the bait (spring) is just at the bottom of the water. When there is a fish letter, pay attention to how long the control stops. It is also possible to lure the big fish again. It is normal to catch a few fish once. This is unmatched by explosive hooks.
  • Long shot: It is recommended to use 3.6m 4.5m super hard sea bream or long throw cockroaches (if you still can't throw them away, increase lead and food)
  • Floating fishing: the line group is the same as the slinging method and the squid fishing group (the water ghost or the blast hook part can be used to replace the tyrants to catch the floating water). The main bundle of white strips cockpits and other pelagic fish. For example, a floating fishing rod: has 5 meters of water depth, the bait is adjusted to 4 meters, and 3 meters of water depth can be directly fished.
  • Product mesh specifications:
  • 3 mesh is 1.5cmX1.5cm, suitable for fishing 50g fish
  • 4 mesh is 2cmX2cm, and it is suitable to fish 100-150g.
  • 5 mesh is 2.5cmX2.5cm, and it is suitable to fish 150-450g.
  • 6 mesh is 3cmX3cm and is suitable to fish around 500g.
  • 7 mesh is 3.5cmX3.5cm, and it is suitable to fish around 500-1000g.
  • 8 mesh is 4cmX4cm and is suitable to fish around 500-1000g.
  • 9 mesh is 4.5cmX4.5cm and is suitable to fish around 1000-1500g.
  • 10 mesh is 5cmX5cm, suitable for left and right fish
  • 11 mesh is 5.5cmX5.5cm, and it is suitable to fish around 1500-2000g.
  • 12 mesh is 6cmX6cm, and it is suitable to fish around 2000-2500g.
  • 13 mesh is 6.5cmX6.5cm, and it is suitable to fish around 2000-2500g.
  • Weight: 13g

Package Included:

  • 1*fishing net