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Sinking Pencil Fishing Lures

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Sinking Pencil Fishing Lures are versatile lures designed for anglers who want to catch different types of fish. Made from ABS plastic these lures are durable and long-lasting allowing you to use them repeatedly. The depth at which they sink is variable allowing you to change your fishing technique as needed. The 3D eyes on the lures give them a realistic appearance that attracts fish and entices them to take a bite. With their variable sinking depth and realistic appearance, these Sinking Pencil Fishing Lures are a must-have for any angler's tackle box.


  • Length: 115mm/150mm/185mm
  • Weight: 54g/62g/126g
  • Depth: Variable Sinking
  • Material: ABS Plastic
  • Eyes: 3D eyes

        Package Contents:

        • 1 x Fishing Lures