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Sinking Rattling Pike Roll Fishing Tackle

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Sinking Rattling Pike Roll Fishing Tackle is specifically designed for pike fishing, but it can also be used for other freshwater game fish. The lure has a natural swimming action, and the sinking feature allows it to reach deeper waters where the big pikes often lurk.  Its durable construction ensures that it lasts longer than other lures, making it a great investment for any serious angler.

Product Details:

  • Lure Type: VIB Lures Set
  • Lure Length: 65mm
  • Lure Weight: 12g
  • Diving depth: Sinking
  • Hook: High-Quality Hooks
  • Material: ABS Plastic, Steel Balls,3D Eyes
  • 3pcs VIB Fishing Lures
  • 1pcs Fishing Tackle Box (11x11x2cm)